year 6 STUDENT & parent workshop/WEBINAR

Taking the Leap to Secondary School

Hosted by
Amanda Lecaude
October 24th
7:00 pm AEDT

Transitioning to secondary school is a significant event for students (and their families). It’s a time of immense change in their physical, social and emotional wellbeing. On top of this comes the demand of adjusting to a secondary school environment including higher academic and organisation needs.

This workshop is aimed at providing students (& parents) with the knowledge, tools and strategies to assist them to experience a smooth and successful transition. Students will be provided with many tips on how to cope with the move to secondary school so they can start preparing now and decrease any

stress/anxiety they be feeling.

This workshop has been run by many primary and secondary schools since 2015 with positive feedback.

Please note that this workshop is designed for a parent and a student to attend together.

The workshop will go for approximately 1.5 hours. Total ticket price includes GST.

Topics covered include:

organisation and time management

feelings & expectations

the importance of a planning tool/s to manage time & tasks

what students need to organise in their academic lives

key differences at secondary school

having an effective study area

friendships and tips on making new friends


About Amanda Lecaude

Amanda is an experienced academic life coach, executive function coach & organising expert who works closely with schools and students to ensure they are equipped with simple and effective organisational, time management and study skills, which are key to their success and enjoyment at school and in life.

She has successfully implemented this transition program across many primary & secondary schools across the country since 2015, has authored 2 eBooks on transition and is well regarded as an expert in her field. 

October 24th
7:00 pm AEDT
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